Life Hack: Get Rid of Mosquitoes with This Natural Coffee Ground Trick

Summer is about in full swing, and time to enjoy the Summer night fun in your own garden or backyard, and camping night. Yet there is one sure thing that is far less-than-fun: those blood sucking Mosquitoes and pesky bugs. You can grow plants Around House to Repel Mosquitoes. But you still have those places to go with those annoying insects!! And today I am going to show you a video to repel the mosquito and other bugs away! Light the coffee grounds on fire and watch this work it’s magic on getting rid of the bugs and mosquitoes from your garden.

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Life Hack: Get Rid of Mosquitoes with This Natural Coffee Ground Trick

Most of us love handmade coffee every morning, using fresh coffee ground. And this handy summer hack uses exactly coffee grounds, plus a piece of aluminum foil paper, and lighter. Mosquitoes, like many other bugs, have a large quantity of distinct odorant receptors. This makes them sensitive to certain strong smells, like the smell of smoke. When you light the coffee grounds on fire, you can see the magic.

I remember there is a similar way to light the leaves at Summer night when I was little in countryside, and it did work but with the unpleasant smoke which is choky for men. This trick in not only a great and easy-to-make repellent but also a really good smelling one—much better than those bug sprays! There is no scientific background of why it can work, but if it works, why not give it a try?

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Video credit: Thierryoutdoors