How to Perfectly Fold T-shirt in under 2 seconds


How to Fold T-shirt in under 2 seconds with perfect results. Summer is t-shirt season, and actually not only Summer for my hubby, ’cause he wears t-shirts year around. 2/3 of his closet is stuffed with tees, and you know what is my load after laundry each time?!! :p  Good again and thanks to all the life hacks that can help ease my daily routine!! This easy and smart trick enables you to perfectly fold a t-shirt in under 2 second, believe it or not.

How to Perfectly Fold T-shirt in under 2 seconds

We do have another Secret to Fold T-shirts to Pack So Much More

 for suitcase, while this trick is different, as you can see the featured image above, the most important is to get the hack point, lift it and both ends, it may take several try to get the feeling, though. Let’s watch how she does and don’t forget to check out all other t-shirt fashion hacks we featured here.

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