Super Fast Way to Peal Potatoes with This Kitchen Hack

There are always some people with talents and inventions. That’s why I love life hacks. Peeling potatoes is one that we need to learn more. Remember the Weird Trick To Peel An Entire Bag Of Potatoes In A Minute? But sometimes we don’t really want to use those men stuff in the kitchen cook, and here is another way to peel them a lot faster, without having to chop too much into the actual potato! All you have to do for this great and super simple potato peeling hack is to grab a large kitchen knife and to carefully cut the peel of the potato around the middle.

Super Fast Way to Peal Potatoes with This Kitchen Hack

Cut whatever quantity you want, put them in a container, add some boiling water to it and leave the potatoes to get soaked. After that, make sure to remove the dirty boiling water and replace it with fresh, super cold water – allow the potatoes to sit and cool down for a few minutes, then you can see the magic by pulling the skin off the potatoes easily.

This simple trick show you a speedy way to peel your potatoes without using a peeler. Great if you’ve got a lot of potatoes to peel. You need to boil the potatoes, but you could try parboiling them and then putting them in the oven if you want roast potatoes, or cutting them for chips. be sure to check more Genius Kitchen Tips and Tricks that will Change Your Life

. Here is the video:

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