This Simple Home Remedy Cures Cracked Heels, Corns in 10 Days

This Simple Home Remedy Cures Cracked Heels, Corns and Calluses in 10 Days

Cracked heels are a very common foot problem ranging in severity from a cosmetic to a painful issue. The skin is normally dry and may have a thick callus which appears as yellow or dark brown discolored area of skin, especially along the inside border of the heel. Cracks in the skin are usually obvious, which is irritating for most of us in the Summer or whenever we want to show our barefoot.

Some of the causes of cracked heels are dry air, lack of moisture, improper foot care, an unhealthy diet, aging, prolonged standing on hard floors and wearing the wrong types of shoes. the problem may be accompanied by symptoms like redness, itching, inflammation and peeling skin. Taking proper precautions right away can prevent cracks from getting deeper and causing bleeding and pain.

This easy home remedy by Mr Healthy Life is extremely beneficial for cracked heels, calluses and corns.

Here is how:

  1. Crush 10 aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) or andol (acetaminophen) tablets to powder, Cover it with 250 ml of 70% rubbing alcohol. And let the mixture stay for a day or two.
  2. Every night, shake it well before soaking a cotton or gauze pad in it. Apply the pad on your heel.
  3. Wrap your heel in plastic foil and put a sock on. Leave it overnight.
  4. In the morning, rinse with water and towel-dry. Apply some greasy foot cream or glycerin.
  5. After only ten treatments, the cracked and callus skin on your feet will disappear.

For better results, you can exfoliate your heels with a foot scrubber before applying the foot cream.

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This home remedy is also beneficial for treatment of painful varicose veins. The pain lessens immediately after application.