How to Tie-Dye with Ice Tutorial – Video

Tie Dye is a tricky idea, and what I have in mind is to dye in fabrics, such as the DIY Cool Galaxy Twist Tie Dye Shirt we have seen before, but later we see so many dying projects on nails, hairs (remember the Hair Dye With Kool-Aid And Hair Conditioner? ) and cake making. They give special patterns that look like watercolor painting. In this DIY, Sarah shows you how to do the ice tie dye technique! Tie-dye any fabric such as shirts, totes, pillow cases, & more!

The idea for ice dyeing from some crafters who were sharing their snow dyeing projects. While ice is much easier to get in your own freezer. What we need are some ice, dye and a bucket and you are off to go! This technique is great for unique dyed garments or for one-of-a-kind dyed fabric for quilting. This method of tie dyeing will give you an abundance of tie dye fabrics. Dye partial or all over and create your handmade fashion can be cool, right?

Enjoy the fun with this video:

Video: SoCraftastic