Your Headache Is Telling You A Lot! Warning Signs Your Headache Is Dangerous

Your Headache Is Telling You A Lot! Warning Signs Your Headache Is Dangerous

All sort of headaches are not really dangerous, but there are few which are, and one should have the idea of all such. They are usually caused by stress or sinus problems, but before they get too serious, everyone should know about it.

What Type Of Headache Could Be Dangerous For You?

Above you could see simple chart to help you to have a visual way of describing your problem will help health-care professionals classify your headache accurately and get you the help you need (although, you’re probably fine, don’t freak out).

If you are in the category of any of these headaches, you need to see the doctor:

• Thunderclap headaches

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This headache develops quickly, in fact in just one minute, and it could result in brain bleeding or aneurysm. If you are in the symptom of this one, then go and see your doctor.

• Headache after an injury

This develops after you get any head injury, it could be a sign of concussion. Whether you get a small injury, but remember in this case your brain could start bleeding any time.

• Headache gets worse when walking

This one could cause a brain tumor. When you go to sleep with a headache and when you wake up it’s still there, even it causes you vomiting, then it’s high time you consulted with your doctor.

• Worst headache of your life feeling

This one is a severe one which will cause headache pain and upper neck pain when you are lying still. Confusion, vomiting, stiff neck are some of the symptoms of it.

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