Women Safety: Difference Between Mirror and 2 Way Glass

Ladies, you must be aware to read carefully on this article for your own privacy!! When we shopping and try on new clothes in fitting room, visit toilets, bathrooms, hotel rooms etc., How many of you know for sure that the seemingly ordinary mirror hanging on the wall is a real mirror, or actually a 2-way mirror? They can see you, but you can’t see them if the “mirror” is only a 2 way glass in female changing rooms or bathroom or bedrooms!!

It is very difficult to identify the mirror type by just looking at its surface, so how do we determine if the mirror we are looking at is real?

Women Safety Detect Difference Between Mirror and 2 Way Glass Tutorial

Wikihow has listed methods of determining if a mirror is actually one-way glass or not. (Credit: WIKIHow)

–Real Mirror

Place the tip of your fingernail against the reflective surface and if there is a GAP between your fingernail and the image of the nail, then it is a real mirror.

–2 Way Glass

If your fingernail DIRECTLY touches the image of your nail, then you need to get cautious, it is an 2-WAY Glass! (There MAYBE someone seeing you from the other side). So remember, every time you see a mirror, do the “fingernail test.” first.  It doesn’t cost you anything.

SS007 has a great video on detect the fake 2 way mirror as well as the hidden camera, too that are great for safety while we are outside!!

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