DIY Barefoot Garden Tutorials for Physical and Inner Relaxology

It was so lucky to have a nice and beautiful garden that you can enjoy your own and family time, relaxing in the flowers and greens that you create with your own hands. While landscaping and garden design can be more than the gardening purpose, but for the “QI” and health for most of the homeowners. Remember to garden fountains we have featured for the “water” aspects for garden? And today we are going to talk about the topics of garden path that you can create for your barefoot reflexology (image: play scapes).

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DIY Barefoot Garden Tutorials for Physical and Inner Relaxology

There are different materials we can bring in our own barefoot garden which include pinecones, grass, sand, rocks and stones, mud,  logs, and river. Avoid materials that make shoes more appealing, such as sharp gravel and splintery fir bark mulch. And don’t hesitate to add materials exclusively for the pleasure of your soles. Sand, stones, and pea gravel are generally favorites. Get the tutorial DIY Barefoot Sensory Path by Anna

DIY Barefoot Garden Ideas-Barefoot Sentation Sensory Path Tutorial

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If you ever go to China, you can see pebble path design in most of the classic gardens there, the Chinese developed reflexology, an ancient practice where a massage therapist stimulates pressure points on the feet to improve health. In Asian countries, many people walk barefoot on pebble mosaic reflexology paths to massage the foot points. And now the trend is going worldwide for barefoot walking in parks, resorts, and private gardens, and at the base of mountain trails.

DIY Barefoot Garden Tutorials for Physical and Inner Relaxology

Image: Google Search, You can get the pebble mosaic garden path tutorial Here. What benefits we can get from this sensation path?

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ABBY QUILLEN on shares a fabulous article on design own barefoot garden as well as the health benefits, as well as a simple pebble rock tray for barefoot washing.

Barefoot Gardening - The Chinese Art of Reflexology

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Put these sensation path into landscaping for home and garden, and if you don’t have big open land, a barefoot tray or rug can work, too. And if you have kids, make it more fun with this idea and combine different materials as various texture for foot.

DIY Barefoot Garden Tutorials for Physical and Inner Relaxology

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Did you ever think of barefoot garden in your own home and backyard, try to explore a small patch with different materials and enjoy the fun yourself and with your family. You ladies may also love this sexy barefoot accessories, here is how to create your own.

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