DIY No Heat Curls with Headband

How to DIY No Heat Curls with Headband - video

This Girl Places A Headband On Her Head And Folds Her Hair In. When She Removes It Next Morning, She got stunning curly hair. This beauty hack really strikes me and I am trying this immediately after watching how.

We ladies who are pursuing pretty curls are trying all means by using hot rollers, regular rollers, curling irons, blow-dry brushes, DO get perfect curly hairstyles but find the hair damaged and then spend more money on hair nourishment products and hair treatment. But the girl shows us here how to avoid all these heat damaging techniques but a regular stretchy headband. What she all did is to wind hair around the headband section by section in and stay overnight. And she got beautiful, bouncy and  romantic-looking curls in the morning by styling it with your fingers, and finishing with the cream or hairspray of your choice.

This technique (or trick) can work on both straight hair and curly hair, and once you get used to it, you can wrap hair in minutes after bath, and you’ll be amazed that styling hair can be so fun and relaxing!