DIY Pergola Firepit With Swings Tutorials

I love this pergola fire pit with built in screen, swing around, and chair. It’s impossible for me to have such big pergola in my house, but if only we can have one in our community. It’s so idea for an outdoor party, even stay late at night. To make this, Place a stake in the center of your build space and make a circular layout, install 8 level posts around the circular with equal intervals. Make the pergola and assemble swings. The firepit is easy among all the firepit tutorials I shared, and you can choose whatever design you like. For single house, we can make the circular small and hang easy swings from recycled households for kids.

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DIY Pergola Firepit With Swings Tutorials

Check out the full plan from Remodelaholic:

Build an Amazing DIY Pergola and Firepit with Swings

Indestructible has another version of swing with the same idea but in pentagon. To make this swing fire pit, you need to plan the area and size you want, draw a circle and spot the pole evenly, then nail the top beams. I love the idea to add another 6 smaller wood beams over the top beams, which makes the pole position sturdy with less chance of distortion afterwards.

DIY Porch-Swing Fire Pit Tutorial

DIY Porch-Swing Fire Pit Via Instructable

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