Fun DIY Pinecone Fairy Ornament Tutorial

Pine cones are a great supply for crafts with kids, we have a collection of pine cone crafts on our site that you should check them out for fun. Today we are going to share more pine cone crafts – little fairies. These pine cone fairies are so incredibly adorable, they will make a great addition to any room decor. You could even use them in a fairy house so they can be played with year round. This project comes from the Willodel Blog which is chop full of miniature fairy and elf play set ideas.

The materials used are easy to find. If you don’t have any wool roving, try using yarn for the hair. The supplies can be collected in the woods or buy from Amazon directly:

DIY Pinecone Craft Ideas - Pine Cone Fairy Ornament Tutorial

Check out the detailed instructions on how to make these pinecone fairy ornaments via the following link: Willodel Blog – Pinecone Fairy Ornament Tutorial

Crochet Pinecone Fairy Tutorial Free Pattern

Crochet a tiny hat and scarf and make a warm fairy instead, get free patterns and more here.