DIY 3D Knitted Shark Bite Socks Knitting Pattern

Keep your feet toasty warm in these lovely hand knitted socks you can make all by yourself? I Never thought of knitting a pair of socks by myself, but these Ying Yang Kitty Cat Ankle Sock is too cute to try. Or maybe I can give socks knitting a try into the to-do list for this Christmas, too 🙂  If you want to knit some house slippers for your family, check them out via the link. You may love the Knit Easiest Ballet Flat House Slippers from Square as well as the Side Step Garter Stitch Slippers Free Knitting Patterns. Here is some scary Shark Socks knit by the Tsarina of Tsocks, Lisa Grossman. It looks like sharks are eating your precious tootsies, but they’re not.  One thing’s for true is they look real comfy and fun. Sorry that there is no free pattern available, but Lisa provides a pretty in-depth tutorial on how to make a pair of your own.

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DIY 3D Knitted Shark Bite Socks Knitting Pattern

Don’t want to crochet yourself, you can buy a similar one directly here: Shark Bite 3D Socks. The paid pattern was available on her Ravelry store, but out of print at the moment, if you love it, try to contact the owner via the link:

Shark Week by Lisa Grossman

DIY 3D Knitted Shark Socks Free Knitting Pattern

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Click the link below for the FREE Knitting pattern:

Shark Socks by Ryland Peters & Small

DIY 3D Knitted Shark Bite Socks Knitting Pattern

Click the link below for the PAID Knitting pattern:

Shark Socks by Rhonda Westeen

DIY Festive Christmas Socks Free Knitting Pattern

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