Irish Lace Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

This crochet scarf is so beautiful for chill or cold weather as well as warm weather in early Spring.  If you ever crochet Irish lace, you’ll know that you can crochet with thin cotton yarn to make it a long scarf or with thick yarn to make chunky scarf as photoed above, which is much more than a mere scarf, but more of a wrap as fashion top. The chunky stitching is really fabulous with its roses and leaves radiating a delicate, feminine touch from every angle. If you are a crochet beginner, it’s important that you follow the pattern instructions carefully. But if you’re a seasoned crocheter then you can make some alterations yourself by adding buttons so that it really acts more as a body wrap. You can also add or decrease the number of roses or change flower patterns depending on how it looks on your body or make the leaves in varying sizes and colors of your choice. Good luck and enjoy the compliments when you show out your masterpiece. I googled this pretty scarf Grace made for her friend via  She also shared with us some useful information here.

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Irish Lace Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

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Irish Lace Scarf by Nicky Epstein

DIY Crochet Irish Lace Scarf

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Chunky crocheted scarf with Cabbage Rose By Jill Crochets