How to DIY Cute Paper Cupcake Box

DIY Cute paper cupcake Ornament

DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament01.jpg DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament02.jpg DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament03.jpg DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament04.jpg DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament05.jpg DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament06.jpg DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament07.jpg DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament08.jpg DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament09.jpg DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament10.jpg DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament11.jpg DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament12.jpg DIY-Cute-paper-cupcake-Ornament13.jpg

This is really an interesting paper craft project, and I am really get inspired to make it more useful as gift box, home decoration or holiday ornament, and they are so cute for party treat, too!!

Materials you need:

  • Paper
  • Plastic cup
  • PVA Glue
  • Need and thread