How to DIY Framed Botanical Wall Art Decoration

DIY Botanical Wall Art

Here is an creative technique to make Botanical wall art with fresh leaves and color spray.
To make this wall art first you have to take some paper. Then apply art masking fluid on its four sides forming a border of almost one to two inch thickness depending upon the size of your paper. Then take any leaf and place it over the paper. Apply spray paint in the color of your choice, remove the leaf after the paint is dried, and you will get a white silhouette of the leaf. Then peel away the dried art masking liquid that you applied in the beginning and a white border will appear. Frame it and hang it on your wall. It would be cool and beautiful enough if you use flowers and leaves together.

They add such a classic and sophisticated touch to your home. Do you know that you can easily DIY a botanical print?  It’s not difficult at all, and hope this project can inspire you to make your own botanical art.  Enjoy your crafting~

What you will need:

  • Cold-press board
  • Frisket masking liquid
  • Paint brush
  • Silk or plastic greenery
  • Spray paint
  • Eraser
  • Kraft paper or newspaper

Image via: bhg