How to DIY Wine Bottle Planters – Great Tip to Cut Perfect Wine Bottle (Video)

How to DIY Wine Bottle Planters

Cut empty wine glasses into self watering planters for indoor gardening. Now you don’t have to throw away wine bottles, try to reuse them into these self watering planters would be great for in-house and balcony planting. You can easily make these elegant looking self-watering wine planters using an empty bottle of wine (any color you like), yarn (enough to warm around the wine bottle), nail polish remover, wick, gloves, candle, lighter, and a bowl of cold water.


Be sure to wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the sharp glass. You can watch the video to see how to cut the wine glass clearly. All you need to cut the wine glass in half and you can do this by soaking the yarn with nail polish remover. Wrap the wet yarn around the wine bottle then light the yarn with the lighted candle. Wait for 10-15 seconds until the yarn is burned all the way around. Immediately dip the bottle in the cold water and the wine will break in half leaving a clean cut.

The remaining work is easy, but effective, here is a awesome video worth watching:

Fill the bottom part of the bottle with water, reverse the upper part of the bottle to fit to the bottom part, pass a wick(string) from the top part to the hole then down to the water. Fill the planter with soil and voila. Have a nice planting day there~

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