How to Knit Colorful Toy Caterpillar

Knitted toy caterpillar

Knit this colorful caterpillar for garment embellishment for this Spring, it’s so fun to knit or crochet the chunky beads into caterpillar and necklace.

Supplies you need:

  • Yarn in rainbow colors
  • Knitting needles
  • Wood chunky bead ball
  • Wire
  • Snap buttons

Knitted-toy- caterpillar01.jpg Knitted-toy-caterpillar03.jpg Knitted-toy-caterpillar04.jpgKnitted toy caterpillar05 Knitted-toy- caterpillar06.jpgKnitted toy caterpillar07 Knitted-toy-caterpillar08.jpg Knitted-toy-caterpillar09.jpg Knitted-toy- caterpillar11.jpg Knitted-toy-caterpillar13.jpg Knitted-toy-caterpillar14.jpg Knitted-toy- caterpillar16.jpg Knitted-toy-caterpillar18.jpg Knitted toy caterpillar20 Knitted-toy- caterpillar21.jpg