How to Make Beautiful 3D Flower with Thread Embroidery

3D Thread flower embroidery

If you love embroidery, you won’t miss this DIY embroidery technique, the flowers are a creative extension of french knot that looks pretty whether you use thread or yarn. They are great for handmade bedding, garment, curtains and more. 3D-Thread-flower-embroidery01.jpg3D Thread flower embroidery pattern01 3D-Thread-flower-embroidery02.jpg 3D-Thread-flower-embroidery03.jpg 3D-Thread-flower-embroidery04.jpg 3D-Thread-flower-embroidery05.jpg 3D-Thread-flower-embroidery06.jpg 3D-Thread-flower-embroidery07.jpg 3D-Thread-flower-embroidery08.jpg 3D-Thread-flower-embroidery09.jpg