How to Make Beautiful Braided Rope Door Mat

Braided-Rope-Door-Mat00.jpg Braided-Rope-Door-Mat01.jpg Braided-Rope-Door-Mat02.jpg Braided-Rope-Door-Mat03.jpg Braided-Rope-Door-Mat04.jpg Braided-Rope-Door-Mat05.jpg

This is interesting, I saw the way of weaving bracelet or necklace and now it can be used for door mat, and the finish looks great. Be sure to draw a cross on the paper beforehand, use the cross as a guide and tape down loops to retain the mat’s shape during weaving.

Finish ends by using a needle to sew through the rope just below any frayed ends and tightly wrap thread around rope a couple of times. Cut off end of rope just above thread. Singe frayed ends with a lighter to seal; sew to underside. Apply permanent craft glue to underside between ropes in spots to prevent shifting.

Reference: 1/2-inch-thick twisted nylon rope *165 feet makes a 33-by-20-inch mat.