How to Make Cute Braided Hair Bun with Ribbon

How to Make Cute Braided Hair Bun with Ribbon

Love this idea to add ribbon into hair styling, which is easy to make even by ourselves. Great for girls dancing or change ribbon color for different occasion such as red and green for Christmas.


1. Tie up half top of the hair

2. Split bottom half hair into another half, and tie small amount with elastic upward

3. Add ribbons

4. Twist the hair together with half top to form a updo hair bun

Cute-Braided-Hairstyle-with-ribbon01.jpg Cute-Braided-Hairstyle-with-ribbon02.jpg Cute-Braided-Hairstyle-with-ribbon03.jpg Cute-Braided-Hairstyle-with-ribbon04.jpg Cute-Braided-Hairstyle-with-ribbon05.jpg

Cute-Braided-Hairstyle-with-ribbon06.jpg Cute-Braided-Hairstyle-with-ribbon01.jpg