How to Make Elegant Side Braid High Bun Updo Hairstyle


Braid-updo-for-wedding02.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding03.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding04.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding05.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding06.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding07.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding08.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding09.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding10.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding11.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding12.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding13.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding14.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding15.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding16.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding17.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding18.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding19.jpg Braid-updo-for-wedding20.jpg

Whether it is neat and tidy, or intentionally grubby updo, this is a perfect evening option, they emphasize the beautiful oval face and open shoulders. If you look for evening hairstyle, high bun or Babette will be the best choice, and it is the most traditional wedding hairstyle. Babette is especially suitable for brides with bold jewelery that they want to show. This hairstyle looks great in a simple style, paired with a chic hair accessories.