Christmas DIY Plastic Cup Sparkle Ball Tutorial – Video

This Plastic Cup Sparkle Ball Or Globe is easy, fun and cool looking. They are made from Plastic Cups that is all lit up from within by twinkle lights. Making this decoration is really simple! All you’ll need some clear plastic cups, staples, lights, and something to drill a hole in the bottom of the cups with. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. This will be perfect for your next party! Try to add lights that flash which will give it a more fun looking for outdoor or room decoration. Since the lights are stapled inside the globe, you’d better test them first.  makes the plastic ball lighting ornament with mini lights and Plastic Cups which is so fabulous for holiday decoration!

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Christmas DIY Plastic Cup Sparkle Ball Tutorial - Video

Supplies You Need:

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How to:

Drill the Bottom of Plastic Cups, better in the middle of the bottom. Try to stack them together to save time and prevent distortion.

DIY Plastic Cup Sparkle Ball Tutorial (Video)

Clip Plastic Cups,next to each other with clothespin to make it well lined in globe position.

DIY Plastic Cup Sparkle Ball Tutorial - Video

Image:  adamvan2000

Staple the Plastic Cups next to each other.

DIY Plastic Cup Sparkle Ball Tutorial - Video

Try different colors and place them on floor or hang them in room and outdoor, enjoy the lighting fun. DIY Plastic Cup Sphere Light Tutorial Learn how to make this Plastic Cup Sphere Light Gaspar Muniz shares the step by step tutorial video using drinking plastic cups for your guide.

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