How to Remove Dent from Wood in 3 Steps

How to Remove Dent from Wood in 3 Steps

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It is very easy for me (I am kindof careless and clumsy) to make dents on wood furniture and floors, and it is really upset of this esp when the furniture is new and expensive. I am really happy to show you this DIY project (which I tried with great success on dining table :P) to help you salvage the damaged piece of wood you might be tempted to think there’s magic involved, but actually with the simplest means. The trick is to steam over the dent with iron, it is actually well known and has been tried and tested for probably more than a century, and we need to share this very, very useful technique with every family and generation!

Supplies you need:

  • An iron
  • Paper towel/or cloth
  • Water

More details from instructables via this link:

Instructables — How to remove a dent from wood


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