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DIY Giant Jello Watermelon Tutorial for Kids

It’s Summer vocation for kids, that means a big challenge for stay-at-home moms. If you don’t want your kids get bored, you will love these Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer Long. My girls are at the age of experiment, everything from glue or Gelatin. Gelatin is a common indrigient for homemade jellos, which I have shared some different recipes and DIY tutorials. These smart and creative folks took the idea of filling fruit to the upper level as a basic ingredient is a watermelon!  Different from the one we use watermelon peels, but editable from inside to outside. The instruction is extremely easy to follow so you’ll have no problem with preparing these large scale shots at home.

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DIY Giant Jello Watermelon Tutorial for Kids

Ingredients you need:

Video credit: MonsterKids

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