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Hair Styling Hack: No Heat Paper Towel Curls

Hi, ladies, how many of you have long hairs? I love long hair, ever from teenage, but seldom did I have curls done by myself. But did you have tried No Heat Paper Towel Curls at home? We have some styling tricks to make curls overnight before, which I tried and felt so exciting and almost get addicted to it, and today we are going to share another trick to make perfect curls using kitchen household–kitchen paper towels!

Using Drinking Straw to make Spiral Curls is kind of something new but turned out to be very popular later on. And now again it sounds a bit weird when you first hear using the paper towel on hair styling. Most of us do curls with curling iron or get permanent curls with chemical products in salon, which can damage hairs after several times. But now you can achieve curls with this no-heat method using a paper towel roll.  Mindy’s method is very similar to an old-fashioned rag curls method, but it’s far easier and safer to do.

Hair Styling Hack: No Heat Paper Towel Curls

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All supplies you need:

  • kitchen paper towels
  • spray bottle
  • hairspray
  • brush
  • rat-tail comb

Cute Little Girl Hairstyles YouTube channel will show you how to create perfect hair curls using kitchen paper towels in the video below.

Youtube: Cute Girls Hairstyles

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