DIY 3-Ingredient Cleaning Recipe for Cloudy Glass-Video

Got cloudy glasses? Now you can make them sparkle with this proven Easy and Clever 3-Ingredient Cleaning Recipe for cloudy glass!  It’s normal to have stains on glassware, when I tried to clean the cupboard and get all the wine glasses out for the holiday, there are spots and cloudy all over. I tried to throw them in dishwasher, washed several times, but with little change. Does this happen to you, too? The reason for the cloudy glass is mostly resulting from the hard water, most of us now have water softener though, but often the stain will show up in a period of time. We can see water stain in dishwasher, glass diningware, bathroom door and more places. And we also have some tricks to  Clean Hard Water Stains Off Toilet BowlSolution to Remove Hard Water Stains as well as the Miracle Homemade Shower Cleaner. There is a common ingredient to get rid of the stain: white vinegar!

How to Clean Cloudy Glass-DIY 3-Ingredient Cleaning Recipe for Cloudy Glass-Video

We can mix 1 part dish detergent, 1 part white vinegar and 3 part warm water and desolve in a bottle to make the cleaning mixture. Pour to dish cloth or sponge and rub in and outside of the glassware to make it shine instantly. If using in dishwasher, pour the vinegar in a bowl and put glassware on the top layer, facing down. And use the powered dish detergent to boost the cleaning.

How to Clean Cloudy Glass-DIY 3-Ingredient Cleaning Recipe for Cloudy Glass-Video

Bottom Line Publications brings you inside information from the country’s leading experts to make you smarter in every area of your life. And today we are going to show this video on how to de-cloud glasses for sparkle and shine both with hand wash and with dishwasher. For stronger stains, you can soak the glass in white vinegar for at least 3 hours, and rub with lemon or baking soda. Let’s check out below:

Video: Bottom Line Inc

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