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Monarch Butterfly Dress

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The Monarch Butterfly Dress is definitely one of the most inspiring works of art that fashion world offered over time, a flawless creation designed by Luly Yang. It is made in silk fabric, adorned with Swarovski crystals and black ostrich feathers on the top of the bodice. This dress is a gorgeous, feminine garment that gives the illusion of a delicate butterfly floating.

This haute couture gown is a commissioned piece of wearable art. Luly Yang’s elegant aesthetic and one-of-a-kind design comes to life in each custom piece. Luly personally designs each gown in preparation for your special event. This very special experience is available to you by booking an haute couture consultation here for your big day. But for our normal use, we may try this copy couture below:

Delicious Monarch Butterfly CostumeFab Fashion Design - Amazing Monarch Butterfly Dress