How to Build Hanging Basket Tutorial and Tips

How to Build A Hanging Basket

A hanging basket is a fabulous addition to your home decoration inside and outdoor, not simply a plant in a pot that hangs. They can fill or break up an empty wall, accent a front porch or create a ball of color for eyes to feast on. Hanging baskets can liven up porches, entries, decks, under trees, and just about anywhere else you’re looking for bright colors.  A basket does not need to be a single plant but plant combos with color and form diversity. With space being a premium in many landscapes, hanging baskets offer a perfect solution for garden color.

To create a great looking hanging basket all season long, Fine Gardening has put together a nice tutorial on “building” a hanging basket. Check it out at the link below…

Tuff Guard Hose also shares with us 10 tips to make your hanging basket more beautiful to improve your whole gardening experience:

10 Hanging Basket Essentials

10 Hanging Basket Essentials


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