DIY Cute Fabric Owl Toy Tutorial – Free Template

This Cute Fabric Owl Comes with Free Template which is easy and fun to sew even for beginners If you are kind of obsessed with the owls, great you are here as I have so many owl craftsalready, the DIY macrame owls are fabulous for jewelry pendant and home decoration. The sock owl are so cute for kids gift or sew by kids themselves, and today this owl dreamcatcher is another one of my favorites that catch our eyes at first sight!  For some reason, many kids love owls and want them as gifts. Such as the little blue ice tube. My kids love them, too. And I would love to change the fabric to fur from my old gloves and make some toys for kids, make them happy, and you will be happy, too. This owl looks so owldorable for little hands as well as home decoration.

Supplies you will need:

  • Cotton fabric/felt
  • Cardboard
  • Ruler, scissors
  • Needle&thread
  • Bead/button for eyes
DIY Cute Fabric Owl Toy Tutorial - Free Template

Get the full tutorial via the link here:

Wise? Just how cute are these little owls