How to Easily Untangle Knotted Gold Chains

How to Easily Untangle Pesky Knotted Gold Chains

You may wear different necklaces matching with dresses or sweaters, and it’s easy for them to get tangled when you simply put them in the jewel box. And it’s really difficult to unknot the tangles, sometimes I pull the chains and they got broken up, especially the ones with really fine chains. If you have similar problem this video is for you! Crazy Russian Hacker always has the most creative tips and tricks for dealing with common household problems.

The best way to untangle necklaces is to keep them from getting tangled in the first place! Remember the way to pull the necklace in the drinking straw, it is a weird idea, but works. Or you hang them in the frame. (But I guest for those Platinum or gold necklace, you won’t do that. ;)) This necklace displace from Adorkable Duo is AWESOME, you can check it out here.

Here’s the video on how you can untangle the gold chain easily: