Half Round Hanging Basket Sewing Free Pattern – DIY Tutorial

Organization is a never ending topic for home owners, no matter your home is big or small. I have shared many ways to help declutter your room from Creative Storage Cube Organizer to DIY Entryway Storage Ideas to Keep You Organized and more. And for every little and bit you can create more storage spaces, and I am going to show you how to make a Half Round Hanging Basket which will give you a whole new level of storage options. You can create an additional space by lifting your storage solution up and off the counter with these cute hanging, half-round baskets, great solution to organize all your school supplies, or craft supplies. It can also be used to put away stuffed animals or as shower cuddy, good grab and go. With a flat back and curved front, the basket lays flush against the wall, keeping it handy without encroaching into your space. The rope loop that ties onto the hanging dowel can be short or long to best fit your needs: hang it high and out of the way or keep it low and right at hand.

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Half Round Hanging Basket Sewing Free Pattern - DIY Tutorial

Click the link here to get the free sewing pattern:

Half Round Hanging Basket