Cleaning Hack: How to Clean Tarnished Silver Easily in 30 Seconds

There are always simple tips and tricks that can make these daily chores easy. I have shared so many cleaning tips to ease our lives. Silver is easy to get tarnished into dark color if exposed in air for long time. There is a saying in my culture that they best way to keep your silver shine is to wear it! ;D It works if it’s jewelry, but how about all the silverware you cherished so much? Don’t worry, I will share with you this easy cleaning tip to clean your Tarnished Silver Easily in 30 Seconds. Believe it a not, you can make it shine with Aluminum foil, the common household item in your kitchen, and boiling water. It is the easiest if you read a good article: Silver Cleaning Hacks by chas crazy creations, she compared all the possible silver cleaning methods I bumped before, and the top result is this Al. foil one. It’s the easiest, but not the best if you’ve learn chemistry, ’cause you don’t want your sliver turn into aluminum, right? So use it once in a while. 😀

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How to Clean Tarnished Silver Easily in 30 Seconds
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Click the link here for the free tutorial with video:

How to Clean Silver, Easily!