Salt Cleaning Life Hacks You Never Know Before

Salt had been so treasured as salt of the earth,  But now salt is cheap, ubiquitous, and taken quite for granted. However, after unearthing these incredible salt-based cleaning “hacks,” salt may be making a powerful comeback. Be creative, use what you’ve got, work smarter not harder. Get your nasty old iron, some Sodium Chloride (table salt), wax paper, a cutting board, and your iron will be as good as new in no time!Salt Cleaning Life Hacks

Household Hacker Channel bring to us through 7 salt hacks anyone can easily perform in any home. It is great for cleaning, removing stickiness, cleaning greasy pans and sponges, and even unclogging the bathtub. Check it out and you’ll get amazed to learn all.

Video: Household Hacker